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Uccha, Neecha and Moolatrikona.
The Controversial Enigma.

Age: 33

Joined: 03 Dec 2005
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Location: London, UK.
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I have been thinking of this for a few days, and someone asked the very same question too.

How and why were the signs (and degrees) assigned to each Graha as it's Uccha (Exaltation), Neecha (Debilitation) and Moola Trikona position.

Also why is 1,4,7 and 10th house taken as Kendra Sthana's.

Thank you in advance.

Age: 44

Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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Dea Mr. Viswas,

To start some discussion, I will start with what I have read,

The graha's uccha, neecha, mooltrikona and swastana are derivated basically from their relation with other grahas (mitra, satru and sama grahas) owning the rasi's and also basing on the nakshtras in those rasi's. To give an example, Jupiter will get paramocha at 5 deg in cancer (owner - moon is friend for jupiter) in Punarvasu nakshtra (his own nakshtra). He get debilitation at 5 deg in makara rasi (owner - saturn is considered as sama graha for jupiter as jupiter is not an anemy for any graha). But even then, I am not convinced with this logic, as jupiter will get debilitation in utarashada (sun nakshtra and sun is also friend for jupiter, infact king and minister relation between them).

I think, astro guru's through some light on this topic. I also have a question in this regard, Can a raja yoga can be cancelled, if any planet is exalted in rasi chart and debiliated (neecha) in navamsa. What can be the effect of a planet in this situation in a horoscope.

As an example - In a chart if Mercury is in 7degrees in kanya rasi (Uttara phalguni nakshtra 4th pada), it will be in neecha in Meena rasi in Navamsa chart, then if the lagna is Saggitarious, BHADRA YOGA will be present or it won't work?
The Controversial Enigma.

Age: 33

Joined: 03 Dec 2005
Posts: 6480
Location: London, UK.
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Thank you for the reply Sajja.

Anyone else has any theories on this topic??

Age: 50

Joined: 31 Dec 2008
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Jupiter exalts in pushya nakshtra which is owned by saturn.
if friendly sign is the rationale then venus exalts in pisces owned by jupiter an enemy of venus.

Age: 57

Joined: 19 May 2006
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The reasoning I could gather is given below, hope this is useful for beginners as well.

Exaltation of Sun - Always the King is represented as Number 1. Hence Sun is exalted in No 1 Rasi Aries

Exaltation of Moon - Moon is nothing but the Queen and sits beside the King always. hence Moon is exalted in Taurus

Exaltation of Jupiter - Nobody sits beside Queen except King. Hence no exaltation at Gemini. The next important person in the Kingdom is the Minister, which is Jupiter. Hence Jupiter is exalted in Cancer

Exaltation of Mercury - The next important person will be the accountant, Mercury. Mercury does not have a place in the royal court. Hence Leo does not have exaltation. Mercury is exalted at Virgo

Exaltation of Saturn - King is exalted at Aries. Saturn is considered as the servant and he is the only one who cannot be at King's exalted position. But the opposite position is where he can be powerful. Hence Saturn is exalted at Libra. (also, King does not want to go to servan'ts quarters where Saturn is exalted, which is Libra)

Exaltation of Mars- It was seen before that Jupiter, the Minister is exalted at Cancer. Ministers use the brains than anything else. Mars is a planet of action, valour etc and hence Mars would have less role to perform at Cancer. But can be powerful at the opposite position, Capricorn, where Mars is exalted.

Exaltation of Venus - Venus is more of an artistic planet involving in Music, drama etc, which the King likes in his court. he needs entertainment and hence keeps Venus besides as well. Hence Venus is exalted next to King's place at Pisces
Raman Deep Singh

Age: 36

Joined: 10 Aug 2005
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Hello Govardhan ji,
Thanks for replying and it is nice to see you back after so long.Please be bit more frequent
as it is always nice to se you back and process of learnign continues

Govardhan ji i have read something similar a while ago though I cant comment on it.

Can you also explain about mooltrikona raashi and why they are chosen....

Let me put my views here...
Wat I remember is of that planets are given exhaltation or mooltrikona in particular raashi
NOT BASED on its lordship but rather on bases of how comfortable that planet is in that
raashi and how much it represents planets basic properties..
Thus it is more about raashis basic and inherent nature

For example:- (I vaguely remember this)

Mars is given exhaltation in Makar bcoz makar represents cemetery, battle front and south direction
and mars is the quite comfortable in that raashi coz it being a commander or war lord..represents them..

Now karaka is opposite to makar, now since makar represents cemetery cancer represents Life which is opposite to
death.....and who else can represent LIFE better than jupiter.....the source of life...

Thus jupiter is exhalted here in karaka

Also we can see Saturn is exhalted in Tula raashi which is significator of BALANCE and so is saturn..
Thus Saturn is very well exhalted in Tula raashi..Where planet's property gets easily dwells with

Govardhan ji and other members Please do comment.

Uccha, Neecha and Moolatrikona.
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