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Shani Neech for leo lagna, does it make person unmarried. Clarify!!!

Age: 33

Joined: 12 Apr 2007
Posts: 36

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recently i was in jaipur, n met one of my old professors of rajasthan University at Shila Devi temple Amer.

Talked to him for a while, he was discussing his chart with the Pundits there so i was also listening to wat thy were discussing.

At the age of 36+ he is still unmarried, inspite of having gud job n gud behaviour, students, his friends like him but he doesnt wants to get married......

Can u tell me in his case what r the reasons in his chart that make him like this, Why he doesnt want to marry?

May be bcoz he his having Shani in 9th house n for leo lagna its neech , so will make him like this, also rahu in 7th house.

D.O.B-- 4th Nov 1970
Time-- 2:30 a.m.
Place--- jaipur

chetan sharma
Some Reasons !!!
Aum Tat Sat..

Age: 38

Joined: 06 Jul 2006
Posts: 210
Location: Goa
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Dear Chetan, here are some reasons why Native did not get married,

1. As you said, Shani in 9th house n for leo lagna its neech and also Rahu in 7th house are Major Reasons.

2. Shani is Retrogade and forming Shadashtaka with Mangal. Similarly it is forming Samsaptak Yoga with Ravi, Mangal, Shukra and Budh. Here I want to add a poit which I have discussed earlier in "Astrologyand Spirituality" topic is that, Ravi and Shani's Kendra or Samsaptak combinations make one reluctant from Material Goals. In Bad cases, Native's life is full of Difficulties.

3. Mangal and Rahu are forming Shadastaka caused Delay in Marriage. In such cases,  by any chance if Native tries to get Married or gets Married before the age of 30-32, then mostly it ends in Divorce.

4. Shukra is Retrogade and with Budha is a Spiritual Combination.

5. Ravi and Guru is again Spiritual Combination.

6. Neech Shani is in Samsaptaka with Venus cause less interest in Opposite Sex.

So, the Native may have some Spiritual Goals. For the Love of Parents Native did not get Married. Though for others it looks that Native is not Married and they are worried about it, but he is Happy in it.

May be, after September, he may take some Decision on this front as, Shani will come to Lagna and Guru will be coming to his Rashi. Some interesting situation is indicated.

God Bless All !!!
tara on lotus

Age: 46

Joined: 19 Apr 2007
Posts: 12
Location: India
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Pranam Milindji,

My query is also realated to it. I also have leo ascendent and shani that why I am not been able to get married??/ I also want to know if I have any curse...inaces their is what cud be the remedy since my Sun and Mer is both in 12th house...may be I am wrong but if you could check please.

So far, no astrologer could verify it. I have also done series of Puja's but somehow these puja's - Navgrah puja & pitra gayatri jaap and havan ahve not been of much career is also not picking up??// can you please check it out and tell me about my poorva karma's and if I have any strong curse...infact I am not the only one suffering in my family.

I would be grateful if you would reply to me..with regards and blessings....

Date of Birth- 1 April, 1970
Place of Birth- Chattarpur, 1970
Time 3.45 pm

Age: 37

Joined: 29 Jan 2007
Posts: 158

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at the vague end of rahu dasa marriage will take place with a woman who is 30+ and may already been divorced or widowed

Age: 37

Joined: 29 Jan 2007
Posts: 158

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here's one such example

20 dec 1970, 10:55 pm
in amalapuram, A.P

in rahu-sun period he got married in 2005 summer to a divorcee

one more with rahu in 7th

17 july 1971
6:17 am , vijayawada A.p
still unmarried and waiting for rahu-moon
Is it stars or society?

Age: 64

Joined: 11 Jun 2006
Posts: 7304
Location: N.A.
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When astrologers (of any following) pick up a topic they assume one thing, which is almost non-negotiable! Namely, that astroindicators alone would bring about an effect.

Take marriage and marital harmony for instance. And yet, most would concede that over decades the nature of marriage and marital harmony and so on has changed. More and more, we hear more about discord, disharmony, break ups. There are several social factors involved. People are more impatient and in 'take the reins, take control mode' whereas in older times there was more tolerance and reluctance to lay it all out in the open. There was a lot of denial and burial (of emotions, personal pleasure etc) that went on, but also the mindset was different and needs were too!

I am sure there has not been a sudden increase in malefics affecting the 7th or darapada or saturn or rahu in 7th, as compared to say a hundred years ago! I am sure the standard distribution of ascendants rising and other planetary configurations has been more or less similar today and hundred years ago!

So all these malefic influences were there back then too, but perhaps the social network was such that the maleficience was contained and supported and yes in some cases denied too.

Years ago, an abused bride would dare not expose her husband, but was abuse that much more prevalent back then in comparison with today?

Any astrologer who forgets to factor in society and social surroundings and social milieu is ignoring the oft-repeated adage about DESH-KAAL etc

Therefore, the true REMEDIAL is still not individual but to FIX the society so that the good finds it easier to express and the bad finds it difficult to thrive.

Such social changes are what I always believed were referred to in Hindu Scriptures as YUGAS. I am not saying that it is not difficult, because it is difficult to get a large group of people to see and feel the same way in any given setting. And hence while stars do not compel but simply impel or indicate, given the human nature and spirit, perhaps those who insist that NO, Stars do compel have a point too! If you leave the gate to your garden open, and the goat enters your vegetable patch, whose fault it is really?

Leo ascendent in ketu and shani neech
tara on lotus

Age: 46

Joined: 19 Apr 2007
Posts: 12
Location: India
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Dear Milindji,

tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REPLYING TO MY QUERY but I think my name doesn't make it very clear that I am a female. well, leo ascendent with ketu facing Rahu....with Mars Bhagyesh with Shani neech and Vakri also sitting with Venus. Whereas Jupitor is sitting in Venus house. In 12th house I have sun and MerCURY sitting together..with moon in tenth house...

So will I'll get married to someone younger than me??

Is there specifice curse on our family or on me which needs a remedy????

Anyway, I would like to know what is best way to get rid of bad karmas.....Daan with good intention and improving one's intentions or remedial pooja's. But ain't people who are honest are usually unsuccessful in practical life...

Thanks once again..I look forward to hear from you...

best wishes and blessings...
Tara on Lotus
Shani Neech for leo lagna, does it make person unmarried. Clarify!!!
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