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Age: 49

Joined: 19 Oct 2006
Posts: 1

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Hi, everybody..
here in this horoscope of a lady who  born on 23 sept 1967 at 3.40a.m. in Poona. Having cancer lagna, moon and rahu in aeries, saturn in 9th house in pisces. Jupiter and Venus in 2nd house in Leo. Sun and Mercury in Virgo in 3rd house. Mars in 5th house in Scorpio rasi. Ketu in 4th house in Libra.  
Presently enjoying(???) Rahu dasa and mercury anterdasa. These few months severely suffering from problems related to blood. And hiccups in career as well. Has been transfered to remote area. which is very much hectic to travel for 6 hours travelling a day.
If blood related problems because of Mars in 5th house then why  it is exaggarated in this rahu dasa??
One more thing -native's husband is manglik---- (Mars in Capricorn in 12th house. His moon in virgo and Aquarius lagna.
I ve a question for you all readers, does rahu dasa always creates problems like this? Does any solution as far as these physical problem concerns...?
native has followed some tips from Lal Kitab and it worked well up to certain extent.
Native is presently not only physically but mentally disturbed as well in these days.

Age: 57

Joined: 19 May 2006
Posts: 2007

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My view is Rahu dasa generally more troublesome . It normally exhaust the native and give much mental disturbance and opposition in all front. Rahu is Placed along with Moon Manas karaka in Aries that is 10th house to the ascendant, which is Karmasthana or house of profession. Moon is the ascendant lord. The ascendant lord is quiet afflicted. Hence I am of the view that there could lot mental tortures and disturbance in the Rahu Dasa.  Sixth lord is seen placed along with Venus in 2nd house, while 8th lord Saturn in retrograde motion is seen aspecting 6th house. In medical astrology, 8th house is connected with blood. Further Rahu and Moon are permanently aspected by the 6th lord Jupiter. Hence the native is likely to encounter health problems during the Rahu dasa period. The native is likely to have pain in the pelvic region or below that. The person will have pain in the knees too. which needs to be confirmed I would say some sort of discomfort in the knee area or prickly sensation. Regular check up of heart is recommended. Both Lagna and lagna lord is seen placed in the movable signs .The lagna lord is permanently aspected by 6th lord , which is placed in the fixed house leo along with Badhakastanadhipati.  This influence of Jupiter on Moon and Rahu aggrevates the health problem

Remedies  to reduce the problems.

Visit to Shiva Temple on Thursday and offer gifts to Purohit of the temple with yellow colored fruits, clothes, and flowers etc

Visit to Vaishnodevi Temple . I suggest not minding the trouble , the native should walk all the way through the hill instead of using any form of support like dolli or other mode of transport

Always have red sindoor in the forehead between the eyebrows and it should be conspicous

Bhrigu nadi recommends Prayers to Pancha Mucha to ward off all the evil

Always has to carry a photo where Shiva, Parvati , Ganesh and Subramanya all are  together

Whenever mentally disturbed, or tensed up,has to keep on  Reciting Om Namo Durgaya Namah, atleast 108 times

Feed black dogs. offer prayers to snake pit on Fridays by pouring milk and placing flowers, fruits and giving an Aarathi to the pit  

Never use leather goods or anything do with leather

Should not accept any artciles which are yellow colored , made of yellow metals, or yellow stones as gift from others.

Age: 48

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 36

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In my view, it all depends how rahu is placed in everyone's horoscope. if he is placed well then the life of the person
will be  a superb one. when he is neecha or placed in any rasi which is not a  good area then the trouble will be more as rightyly said by govadrdhandt

Joined: 17 Nov 2005
Posts: 71

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Hi all,

What I understand is ----

Commencement of rahu dasha brings some trouble. The intensity depends on how good or bad is the rahu placement and its' relation with ascendant.

Rahu also gives raj yoga. But generally, the good effects do not last till the end of dasha.  And probably  it wants actions without caring for the ethical / moral codes.

Most of our Chief / Prime minister came to power in Rahu dasha. Even AB Vajpaiee. But power did not last up to the full dasha period.


Age: 34

Joined: 23 Oct 2007
Posts: 2

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hi everybody,
         i have rahu+sun+venus in 12th house of  Taurus and
lagna is gemini.
Mars and saturn in 5th house of Libra.
kedhu in 6th house of scorpio
Jupiter in 7th house of sagittarius.
mercury and moon in 11th house of Aries.

Can anyone say how will be the rahu dasa for me which is going to commence after 1 year? What problems does it give?
Please reply.....

Age: 44

Joined: 22 Sep 2007
Posts: 27
Location: usa
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yeah it depends on how well rahu is placed. i have a mahadasa of rahu (and antardasa of jup) going on. so far its is fine.
i think because jup is quiet strong and helpful in my chart. anywayi thank god for that.
take care...everyone
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