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Great Egret...Symbol??
~Lady of Peafowl~

Age: 30

Joined: 21 Mar 2008
Posts: 136
Location: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
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For a few days this Great Egret has been coming into our yard, near the house. There is no rivers or creeks around either. I don't think they usually come near a house. Does anyone know if this is some kind of symbol??  Thanks.

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Age: 30

Joined: 03 Sep 2007
Posts: 16

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it would make me think its a good thing =) enjoy life...
~Lady of Peafowl~

Age: 30

Joined: 21 Mar 2008
Posts: 136
Location: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
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thanks Filip, for commenting. Yea, I was thinking it would be a good thing. and now it has been confirmed
Egret ... meanings

Age: 51

Joined: 23 Jan 2008
Posts: 175

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Many reference sources do not have information on Egret, and others will tell you to also see Heron

Egret's Wisdom Includes:

Provides safe passage to the soul world
Brings peace
Provides self-confidence in personal matters
Ability to rely on oneself


Aggressive Self-Determination

A Heron and Egret totem teaches balance;
the ability to progress and evolve --
to walk into deeper waters without fear.

It is important for someone with a Heron and Egret
totem to learn to stand on their own two feet,
to become independent and self-reliant.

Heron and Egret has a strong connection to the element of Earth
and you must also be aware and cultivate this connection.  
The Mother Earth is a source of strength
and will help you stand strong and firm.

Heron medicine allows you to perform many tasks at the same time,
keeping all in balance.
If one way doesn't work, then another way will.
Heron and Egret people seem to instinctively know this.

Heron people do not need a lot of people in their life
and they are often follow non-traditional roles.
They feel no need to "keep up with the Jones."  
They stand out in their uniqueness
and know how to take advantage of things
and events that most people wouldn't bother with.

You know what is best for you and you should follow that path.
Be aggressive when opportunities present themselves --
don't let them get away from you.

Meditation on color will provide insight to Heron and Egret people.


Egret teaches to stand in the physical and spiritual, healing, emotions, bridging the heart and mind, sharp, direct and to the point.


I don't have anything on a Cattle Egret per se, but do have information on Egret itself, I think that's a common term for them in many areas though.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Egret typifies a spiritual sign; a spiritually-related message.

*Bobby Lake-Thom/Spirits of the Earth:
Crane or Egret: This bird is the peacemaker and fisherman. He is a good-luck sign while you are fishing, or during conflict. He brings peace, stability, harmony, and good luck. He is graceful, tactful, and direct. The feathers from these birds are used in healing ceremonies to take away negative energy and anger, and to bring peace and harmony to a situation. That is one reason why our Indian people use different kinds of feathers in different kinds of rituals and ceremonies. The symbol and inherent power of the feathers from certain birds are used to bring in specific kinds of spirits and energies. For example, my uncle Lester had to attend a special meeting a few years ago with the U.S. Forest Service representatives concerning joint-land-use plans and proposals. The meeting came as a result of conflict between different groups all wanting to use USFS land in different ways. Uncle Les did not want to get into any heated arguments with other people at the meeting. So he prayed on a Snowy Egret feather, asked the bird to share its power with him, and he wore it in his hat at the meeting. The meeting became peaceful and cooperative.


Animal Spirit Guides Steven D. Farmer

If Egret shows up it means : Patience, patience, patience - you'll soon get your reward. This is a time to rely more on yourself than on others to provide what you need.

Although it's useful to be aware of what you're feeling, it's better to rely on your intelligence and wit in this situation.

Keep your head above water so you can see what's goin on around you.  

Stay alert to unusual movements or shifts that are taking place by using your vision and by paying attention to the vibrations you feel in yoru body.

Go under the surface of you feelings, and allow whatever emtoions are there to flow through you easily and without inhibition.

You require the cooperation of others in order to get done whatever you need to

You want to investigate and undersand some feelins that are just below the surface.

You're assisting someone in their passage to the spirit world.

You're feeling neervous about getting a task done, yet your anxiety is interfering with doing so efficiently and effectively.

You're caught up in your emotions and need to detach yourself somewhat and rise above them.

If Egret is your Power Animal :

Although you're very confident and self reliant, you enjoy being with the people you're closest to

You're a shy, gentle person: although you feel things deeply, you tend to be very intellectual and relatively detached from your emotions.

You have the gift of vision and use it o help provide for yourself and your family.

Once in a while you like to gently stir thins up with others just to see what emerges.

Even though you tend to stay in the background, others notice you and feel your presences strongly.

Age: 51

Joined: 23 Jan 2008
Posts: 175

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THough the topic of this is about Egret, there are not many sources on the Egret but some of them say to refer to Heron so I am posting information about the Heron as well .

Heron's Wisdom Includes:

All aspects of diversity
Balancing multiple tasks

The Heron

The heron is a long legged wading bird. There are about 60 species of heron including several species called egrets.  Most egrets have white plumage that is highly prized as ornaments in oriental ceremonies.

Herons are often seen standing motionless, as if in a meditative state, on its long thin legs.  This stance symbolizes its ability to maintain balance through proper focus. Its inner foundation is secure although not fixed.

When the heron feeds it stands in water.  Its neck is bent in an S shape.  The flowing pattern of the letter S reflects the rhythm of this bird.  Understanding your personal rhythm and responding to it accordingly is imperative for those with this medicine.

Water is associated with the mysteries of life.  It is connected to the emotional body of man.  When you see a heron standing in water notice how deep the water is. This depth can symbolize the depth that needs to be explored within self.  The deeper you go the more you discover.  Whatever is discovered take the time necessary to stand in silent reflection.  In this way clarity of understanding is known.

Those with this medicine have strong emotional natures. They feel things deeply and with passion. The challenge here is to keep passionate thoughts and feelings under control in order to maintain a balanced emotional nature.  The advantage of this energy indicates the passion and ambition needed to complete tasks and accomplish goals.

Herons are seldom seen flocking together.  They are solitary birds that enjoy their own company.  Heron medicine people are independent and willing to make changes when the need arises.  They do not need a lot of people in their lives.  This can sometimes lead to challenges in personal relationships especially if the other person has needs that require constant attention. Maintaining some type of social interaction and not withdrawing from others completely is helpful.

Herons stand out in their uniqueness and know how to take advantage of things and events for their own benefit.  By observing the heron, its actions and its lack of action we learn how to perfect out personal flight through life.  Herons hold a silent power, their grace, agility and majestic presence reflect balance.  This balance is the gift they offer to all who choose to receive it.


Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Aggressive self-determination and self-reliance
Cycle of Power: Spring

There are many variations of herons, including bitterns and egrets. storks and cranes should not be confused with them. Herons are part of a group of birds called "waders." It is a bird of the marshlands and shallow waters. All waders have similar physical characteristics--lopng, thin legs, long necks, and sharp bills. These physical characteristics are important to understand for those who have a heron as a totem.

Legs enable animlas and people to move about on the earth. They are symbols of balance, and they represent an ability to progress and evolve. Also the longer the legs, the deeper the ater the heron will feed in. The deeper life can be explored. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that you don't need great massive pillars to remain stable, but you must be able to stand on your own. This is especially significant for those with a totem of the great blue heron, as it is a lone hunter.

When it feeds, it stands in the water, reflecting a connection to the earth--while implying the exploration of other dimensions on the earth (water element). It is important for anyone with a heron totem to explore various activities and dimensions of earth life. On the surface, this may seem a form of dabbling, but those with herons as totems are wonderfully successful at being the traditional "jack of all trades."

This ability enables them to follow their own path. Most people will never be able to live the way heron people do. It is not a structured way, and does not seem to have a stability and security to it. It is, though, just a matter of perspective. There is security in heron medicine, for it gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn't work, then another will. This heron people seem to inherently know.

Heron do not seem to need a lot of people in their life, nor do they feel pressure to "keep up with the Joneses" or be traditional in their life roles. The only time they gather in colonies is during the breeding season. They stand out in their uniqueness, and they know how to snatch and take ad antage of things and events the average person woud not even bother with.

The great blue heron is considered the king of the marsh, although the short-eared owl has been known to readjust the heron's viewpoint. It is the tallest of the herons, and when it flies, its head is folded back in a flat S-shaped loop. This reflects the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and control its life circumstances. it reflects a need for those with this totem to follow their own innate wisdom and path of self-determination. You know what is best for you and should follow it, rather than the promptings of others.

The great blue heron in flight is poerful, and its legs and head are held in a straight line. It uses a slow stalking stride when hunting. When it spies a fish, it spears its prey with its sharp beak and with quick speed. Again it reflects an aggressive movement toward opportunities that present themselves.

The green heron is acturally more of a slate blue, and it has orange legs which are distinctive. This color combination relfects an innate balance at living life in its own unique style. It flies silently, and is most often seen in flight at night and at dusk. Like all herons, it is a marsh bird.

There are distinctive seasonal changes in the color of this bird. The irises of the eyes will turn from yellowish to bright orange, as will the legs. Meditation on this color will provide a lot of insight as to its role in your life.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
The name heron is applied to a large number of small or large wading birds in the family Ardeidae; they are related to storks and ibises. These birds live in temperate and tropical areas of marshy or salt water around the world. All herons have a long, slender neck, a long, pointed bill with sharp edges, and long legs. Their plumage may be colored black, white, brown, gray, blue, chestnut, buff, or combinations of these. Althouh the heron is a timid bird, it will defend itself with its sharp beak if cornered.

In mystical symbolism, the heron, stork, and crane represent much the same things. They are all solar and Water birds that are said to be able to predict the weather. they represent vigilance and are valuable as destroyers of reptiles.

In Greece, the heron was sacred to Athene and Aphrodite, carrying their messages to humans. In both China and Japan, the white heron is teamed with the black crow to symbolize solar-lunar powers. Ancient Egyptians associated the heron with the rising jSun and the return of the resurrected god Osiris. It signified regeneration of life. In Celtic cultures the heron had many of the attributes of the crane.

Superstitions: It is a general European belief that to shoot a heron is bad luck.
Magickal Attributes: The ability to watch patiently for results. Dignity of movement, methodical procedure in matters. Gaining dignity and self-confidence for facing personal problems.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Heron defines the beauty of spiritual wisdom.

*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
You can expect some losses, but you will regain them and more if you dreamed of these exotic birds.
Great Egret...Symbol??
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