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Black dot

Age: 36

Joined: 02 Feb 2007
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Is there any meaning for black dot on the palm or on the other places of the body?
The Non-Convertable

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*star* has one too. I gave her my opinion on it but she didn't believe me.

Re: Black dot

Age: 50

Joined: 15 Jan 2007
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Location: India
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leotim wrote:
Is there any meaning for black dot on the palm or on the other places of the body?

this was posted by me in another forum, Use it for what it is worth, dont read too much into it, it is given just for information and should not be used for sensational purpose.
Namaskaar all,
Many a times we come across palms having spots, moles etc.
The purpose of this post is to consolidate results given for them in
various sources.
A) Palmistry revolution- Yasuto Nishitani.
1) Spot on the life line: Spot on the life line warns of a life
threatening condition. The spot usually indicates a sudden,
unforeseen illness or rapid deterioration of a weakened organ (age to
be read on the life line). In many cases the person will survive the
incident, but moderation must be exercised for as long as the spot is
evident and until it disappears.

2) A white spot on the nail is a sign that is frequently seen
among some people. Traditionally, this has been considered as a lucky
sign, preceding a windfall in the form of money.
In particular, a white spot on the thumb nail is associated with the
appearance of a lover from the time the spot
rises from the base of the nail, although you can expect the same
with any of the other fingers.

B) Angoothe se bhavishya gyan- Pundit Bhojraj Dwivedi.
He deals with moles and not spots but I am not sure if there is any

To understand the moles and spots divide the palm in half vertically
(draw an imaginary line in the middle vertically from the middle of
the tip of middle finger to the bracelet. Don't take a knife and
split it to divide).
This effectively divides the palm into right side and left side.
1) A mole on the middle of the palm but on the right half is
considered a very auspicious. It Promises a very happy married
life. It gives riches and many helpful relatives. Many a times these
people also have a twin mole on the back of the palm exactly.
According to Maharishi Agastya such a marking shows a very rich
person and gives a very happy life.
2) Black mole near the fish line at the end of the life line near
the bracelet gives a troubled married life.
3) Mole a little up from 2) between the fate and life line but
below 1) destroya wealth.
4) Mole same like 3) but shifted to the left part of the hand
takes the person away from his birth place for livelihood and life is
always a rollercoaster ride for him.
5) Mole on the top phalange of the right hand thumb makes the
person very hardworking and gives money

Same on the left hand causes loss of

6) Mole on the tip of right index finger makes for a lover of
justice and gives a successful

Same on left hand is cause for attrition and fights and can give some
sudden losses.
7) On the tip of right middle finger gives a balanced life and a
happy one. On the left it gives hurdles in
achieving goals and serious illness.
8) On tip of right ring finger if of a dark color then it gives
some sadness and may also foretell Heart problems. If it is reddish
in color it shows a scholar. On the left hand gives
contentment and success.
On the tip of right little finger it shows losses of beloved things.
If of light red color it is positive and shows that even after some
losses the person will recover and become rich. On the left hand
gives lucky

Note: if these are found on the left side of the fingers then their
effect is reduced by half.
9) Black or brownish spot on the mount of Mercury shows failure in
love and marriage.
10) Mole on the mount of Venus in the shape of a flame and the
heart line has an island shows danger of electrical shocks.
11) Black mole between heart and head line on the right hand part
of the palm gives fame and recognition amongst peers in the field of
12) Same mole shifted to the left part shows huge monetary losses.
13) Near the bracelet of the right hand on the palm if there are
moles in a series or chain shows tremendous success in life.
14) Mole like 12) if found on the left hand on the left-hand side
shows mental aberration for the past three years. Specially if found
on the head line itself.
15) A mole on Venus mount and nearer to the base of the thumb shows
rise in life after birth of children.
16) A black mole on life line shows accidents and injury to the
17) If the same is white in color and round shows trouble to vision
and eyes. Care should be advised during the age.
18) A blue or purple colored mole on the quadrangle and near the
heart line shows disease related to blood. On the right hand it
shows event in the future and on the left it shows the event is past.
19) A red mole on the head line shows injury to the head.
20) But if the same is below the Sun mount on the head line and of
red hue shows Ear related troubles.
21) Black mole on the sun mount show eye related problems and also
shows failure in family life.
22) A mole on the Jupiter mount shows obstacles in marriage and
very little success in religious matters.
23) Mole on the Saturn mount gives bad reputation due to love
affairs. It makes for a troubled married life.
24) Mole on the mount of Mercury gives a bad name in business.
25) Mole on Moon show delayed marriage. Danger from water also is a
26) A black mole on Venus mount gives early marriage. Sexual
experiences start shockingly early.
27) A mole seen on Venus mount where green and blue veins are also
visible shows a debilitated Venus and can give sexual diseases.
28) A brownish mole on heart line shows a hopeless flirt and a
romantic. Success in love will elude the person.
29) If the same mole takes a red hue then it shows heart troubles.
30) Black mole on Sun line indicates financial losses.
31) Black mole on the fate line delays professional success.
32) And with this if the fate line has an island then it shows
danger to the Father.
33) Mole on health line shows constitutional weakness.
34) Black mole on marriage line turns family life into a hell.
35) Mole on mars line gives a timid nature and neurosis.
36) Mole on the joint of first and middle phalange of index finger
makes the person a rolling stone.
37) On the lowest junction of index finger is cheated by his own
family member.
38) Mole on the second phalange of middle finger should be careful
with weapons.
39) In general, ancient masters say that if the mole is enclosed
inside the fist it is a fortunate marking to have. It shows a good
earning and less spending person and vice versa.
There are also other indications given in the book but I have watered
down and also ignored some of them.
It goes without saying that all these indications should be very
carefully applied and with great responsibility.


Age: 33

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Black mole on hand

Age: 40

Joined: 25 Jul 2009
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I have 2 small black moles on my right hand. One where saturn finger meets the palm and the other on 1st phalage on saturn finger. I have another small, bluish mole on my hand just before it becomes the wrist. My husband has 2 moles on both of the heels on his feet. What do they signify? Thank you!
Black dot
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