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Milly Cyrus numerology

Age: 38

Joined: 17 Sep 2014
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I looked at the mtv music awards 2013 and the reason why Milly Cyrus did those while things is cause she was under number 3 personal month when your under that number you can play a joke and she was under number personal day 1 as well that may have made her wild and crazy and maybe make her male Energy, what's your opinion on this guys and gals
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Age: 64

Joined: 11 Apr 2007
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Location: Adelaide, South Australia
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My opinion is that Miley Cyrus behaved in her usual highly immature and poor role model for young people way for the purposes of getting attention (the wrong sort), gaining extra publicity and making more money.

Even the slightest of suggestions that she had no choice to behave in any manner other than than how she misbehaved at the MTV music awards 2013 which is somehow predetermined or controlled by her numerology numbers to me, is only a feeble excuse for her to continue to show her utter disrespect and contempt for the principles of human decency, and every person being responsible for the consequences of the conscious exercise of their own free will.

Unfortunately however such disrespectful and contemptuous and sexually provocative behaviour is becoming increasingly acceptable in the entertainment industry as a popular means of selling more albums than everyone else, by feeding one's ego and being as obnoxious and offensive as you possibly can.  

No names mind you, but over here in Australia an artist or performer who keeps his or her fans waiting over three hours when they are late for their own concert with no valid excuse, and where the fans have paid hundreds of their hard earned dollars for a ticket is being disrespectful and showing utter contempt for the very people who have so loyally supported their rise to fame, and have kept them there long enough for the concert tour to be financially viable.


Milly Cyrus numerology
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