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I keep seeing 147

Age: 44

Joined: 09 Aug 2015
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For a number of years now (probably more than 10) I have been seeing the number 147 appear in strange places in my life. The number never meant anything to me until I started playing snooker (a billiards game). In snooker, 147 represents a perfect game. But now, the number seems to appear out of nowhere. Am I just seeing it because I recognize it, or is there something more going on here?  I have an odd fascination with snooker, blog about it, and love to share my knowledge of the game.
Becoming more independent and confident and assertive
Site Admin

Age: 64

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You are repeatedly seeing the number 147 both because your brain now expects to find it everywhere and is selectively making you ignore the many times when it does not appear, as well as because something (or someone) is trying to get a message across to you which is symbolized or represented by that particular series of digits in that specific order.

The fact that this number represents a perfect game in billiards, a game which you freely admit fascination with and enjoy sharing your knowledge about with others is probably significant to understanding its meaning and is surely not a mere coincidence, with this pattern of numbers having appeared in "strange places" for over a decade.

Why is your fascination with the snooker blog seen as being "odd"? Is an interest in such a sport uncharacteristic of someone with your personality? Aren't you usually interested in sport?

When you say "strange places" do you mean in unexpected places, or are you suggesting that there could be something supernatural or paranormal going on with this?

For example did a deceased member of your own family or a friend who has now passed have an above average interest in snooker or billiards, either as a player or spectator.

Sometimes our loved ones use something related to their interests while they were alive to tell us that they are still around, or in other words as their own personal after death calling card, announcing their continuing presence but this time only in spirit to people who can still remember them.

Adding the digits of 147 gives 12 which when reduced to a single digit by further addition gives the number 3. It may turn out that it is the number three instead of 147 which holds a special meaning for you. Individual rather than team sports usually hold no interest for people with a life path number of 3. Snooker or billiards can be both an individual and team sports.

One possible interpretation (although it is going to be difficult to prove it) is that you are being encouraged to move from always being a follower to sometimes becoming a leader or pathfinder. Towards becoming more self independent and more likely to come up with your own ideas on how something can be done better or faster. Instead of believing that other people always know better than you do. Doing as much as your able, for as long as you are able. Not always asking for help when it is important that you should learn to do more to help yourself.

So playing snooker or billiards less as a team sport and more as an individual pursuit can give certain people a definite advantage in the type of jobs which they do. Maybe this repeating 147 actually means 3, and you are being constantly reminded to balance remaining a team player with progressively becoming more self independent and more assertive (standing up for your rights to decide what is in your own best interests, instead of continuing to blindly follow somebody else's lead and always automatically regarding their opinions and ideas as necessarily being better or smarter than your own).

I keep seeing 147
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