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Several numbers the same...

Age: 26

Joined: 02 Jul 2014
Posts: 2

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Long story short..dated a girl for 3 years. she got knocked up by another guy when i was deployed. haven't really met someone and felt a connection since this happened two and a half years ago. met a girl at friends bachelor party last Friday. and it was instant chemistry. we share a Lifepath number, destiny number, and both have number 11 maturity number. we talk about deep things and have great casual conversations as well. many of the same interests. the only red flag so far is the fact that she is a stripper and met at the club she works at during the bachelor party. trying not to judge (haha ). Lifepath is 6 fyi. do yo guys believe in soul mates or twin flames and that other stuff and if so, is it possible that regardless of her current job ( 1 of 2 she works at clothing store also) i found mine?

Age: 29

Joined: 29 May 2013
Posts: 39

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I'm sorry to hear of the relationship woes you've been having. From a completely non numerological standpoint, I've noticed that some people can be great at mirroring our intentions or desires simply because they've been conditioned to do so throughout their life experiences. That does not mean that they are the one, simply that they have trouble with authenticity. It can also be enticing to see what we want in others. I'd wouldn't rush into anything if I were you until there is substantial space regarding your last relationship. Hearts can take quite a bit of time to mend but if we do not wait, we risk compounding the issue.
Very sorry

Age: 34

Joined: 14 Jan 2007
Posts: 146

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I'am sorry about your girlfriend troubles  I tell this I don't believe in soul mates but next month you be entering personal month 2 that is good vibration to find a girlfriend so look out for that
Several numbers the same...
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