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Questions about calculation methods

Age: 25

Joined: 24 Sep 2013
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Location: AL US
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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum but I just had a couple questions regarding the methods of calculations.

Okay so when we calculate the Life Path number, it seems to be a common theme to reduce the numbers individually (by month,day, and year)and then to add the remaining together. Here's an example with my birthday.

09/ 11/ 1991  which would reduce to
09/ 11/ 2       and that would give me
22/4 Life Path

So we reduce them individually first and there seems to be a reason for this. These same three numbers(sum of month, date, and year) are the same as the Period Cycles.

Now here's my real question. When we are calculating the Soul Urge number, what reasons do we have to reduce them individually by first name, middle name, last name?

The reason I'm curious is because if you take my name, and you add all of the vowels together(without reducing individually), you would get 33.

I'm just curious if I have 3 Master Numbers in my core numbers. Thank you for your time.

Age: 38

Joined: 01 Mar 2012
Posts: 39

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The problem with the date is that it is arbitrary by human determination of linear thinking.  As humans we like to apply time as a concept to reference events that has & will happen.  It is a questionable method of time to use something so linear, for example the year is 2013, but that is misleading, the Earth has been around much longer then that.  How long ago were the pyramids around?  Well it falls in the b.c.e. bracket.

To quote "whatever happened will happen again!"  Why is it that everything revolves in some sort of cylindrical pattern, the Earth around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth?  It seems that time is more cylindrical so when we use time in numerology when we look at the date what is the primary use od the linear equation?  What if the date & even time was meant strictly for the calculation of the astrology?  For example what if the lifepath was an indicator of what is in your overall astrology chart?  And the exact time when we think cylindrical was a connector to the astrology?

The name is an indicator though with many potentials of the meaning of the skills you bring foreword & the what you are here to learn?  Some say that the first pinnacle in Pythagorean is the true life-path or at least closest to what you are to do.

So let us assume that year is not to be calculated:


You still have an 11 day but when you calculate 9 + 11 you get 20/2  therefore you are a 2 lifepath.  But how essential is this number to the truth?  Should we even be using the date at all in numerology?  Where reference points as in the linear date may be meant for astrological calculations.  Therefore your chart should be examined by someone with expertise in both vedic astrology & numerology to see if there is a correlation.
Questions about calculation methods
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