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Life Path Master Numbers Read On..

Age: 25

Joined: 31 Jul 2013
Posts: 2
Location: Australia - Sydney
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Which Master number are you and what did you go through in life or what are you going through in life? I'm interested in master numbers because I've never had master number friends.

Age: 38

Joined: 01 Mar 2012
Posts: 39

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I will reply to your quarry to the best of my ability to explain from my own perception of my master numbers & additional research that I have learned from in the study of my self.

First thing speaking in terms best understood by a being who I do not know is taking or not taking some sort of work related to the awakening.

My name totals 74 reduced to an 11 master number.  Chaldean it is a 61 reduced to a 7.  Another form reduced my name to a 300 meaning Ardent Faith, & Philosophy.  The date is a 29 with the master vibration of 11.  All was checked & found not to reduce to the number 20 which would imply the number 2.

Using anagram words found in the name: messiah, saint, Moses, John, Emanates, mean, shh, enjoy, seaman, and many others.

In astrology several placements indicate spiritualism. with four planets in the 7th house of Libra.  Additionally Ketu in the 12th, Jupiter in the 4th, yet Moon has Ardra tendencies in the 3rd.

And you know what this means?  NOTHING!

Numerology has many systems, astrology has many systems, & the truth is what does it do for the human?  

Wishful thinking

I do not dispute or deny that astrology and numerology have no meanings, they do but the human equation of being service to self & being hoodwinked by their controllers from those we see in the front to those we do not because we can not perceive them in this reality.  I have read that astrology may have at one time been an 11 house system.

That is speculation, and at my current level of objective thought I can say that the only thing I do know is that we live in a matrix, we can not perceive in the denseness of the vessel what is true and what is not.  We can only learn to research & make a choice.

So what system is correct?

The advice I can give you is to use your intuition, & while this occult science does bear some truth, much of it is distorted & cannot be trusted as literal.
Counseling Numerologist

Age: 33

Joined: 22 Aug 2013
Posts: 7
Location: Ashland, OR
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First of all, I agree with Vrillin.

Always recognize that all modalities are merely windows to crawl through to develop a deeper conversation with the mystery of life. Ultimately, all the wells lead the same watershed. And there seems to be, no ultimate tangible truth.

On Master Numbers - we need to first talk about the elephant in the room; that many think that Master Numbers are 'better' than regular ones. This is an unfortunate theme in many spiritual circles, and it is absurd.

Every single one of us is gifted, unique and one-of-a-kind.


To make it simple, Master Numbers just have potent areas of focus. There is an intensity that comes with that.

The 11 has double the creativity, innovation, originality AND double the self-doubt, insecurity and overwhelm.
The 22 has double the sensitivity, rhythm, perception AND double the codependency, inflexibility and distrust.

Another distinguishing factor is the desire to change the way things are - that because they are immersed in an intensity of focus, they desire to bring the world along with them.

Age: 25

Joined: 24 Sep 2013
Posts: 2
Location: AL US
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I have either two or three Master Numbers in my core numbers(22 Life Path, 11th Day, possibly 33 Soul Urge) and I didn't have the best childhood. I grew up poor in a trailer park and was abused and molested by my step father. Sometimes I wonder if the things I remember even really happened to me. Like if its possible to create memories in your mind. I was hit by a car when I was 8 yrs old(in the head) and that sorta supports that theory. I flat lined and everything. But that also kind of supports the idea that maybe the memories are foggy because I was hit by a car, or maybe I was hit by a car to protect me from those memories. There's just so much I dont remember, and the things I do remember, I wish I didn't.

Age: 32

Joined: 02 Oct 2013
Posts: 2

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My master number is 33.
From a young age I have wanted to help people and feel a lot of emotion.
I cry for the homeless man who I can't help.
I cry because People live then die.
I cry because I'm helpless to fix all the problems in the world.
I can identity the problems with the world and feel terrible.
I cry because my sister isn't physically able and will never experience what society deems as important or have children.
I'm 29 and I still haven't got the master control of the burden or gift of being the life path 33.
I'm still trying to balance myself and still chasing my tail for he right career.
People that are also life path 33 are spiritual or geniuses.
I'm just learning to use my heightened senses and emotion to benefit others and feel like I'm not weighed down.
I'm always searching for answers and my curiosity keeps forever searching for the truth or facts.
It's tiring and sometimes I wish I was just plain jane.
I had have great parents and family and extremely lucky.
My intuition is good.
I made a bad choice and let someone money the. A fees months later I won money on a game show.
I believe in energy and attracting what you want in life. And we all create our own lives.
Hope this helps
Life Path Master Numbers Read On..
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