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name changed as a baby AND electricity(?) in the body...

Age: 63

Joined: 16 May 2012
Posts: 8
Location: the Great midwest (IL)
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I am wondering about the numerological impact of the name on my birth certificate being changed before I was even 1. If anyone could give me any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated! I even 'went by' my original name for about a year when I was about 9 because I liked it so much better, but it didn't 'stick'.
I also have a couple more questions that have been bothering me for a long time and I really don't know where else to post them, so I guess I'll just post them here, too.
When I was also about 9, I remember several times when I felt like a bolt of electricity going thru my body, like down my spine. I've asked some of my closest friends throughout the years if they remember this happening to them, and they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. It was so fast that it didn't really even register as pleasure or pain- it was just so powerful that I've never forgotten it.
I also had a very unusual experience when I was in my '20's and I was going to U of AZ in Tucson. I was walking thru the quad and up ahead of me on one side of the sidewalk were a group of 'jocks' playing football or something, and on the other side there was a large group of Hari Krishnas dancing and chanting. As I approached the 2 groups a few of the jocks started trying to talk to me, but, you know, in a kind of crude manner...the rest of the jocks were laughing and making fun of the Krishnas. So I made a point of stopping to talk to the Krishnas and totally ignore the jocks. I really was very interested in Eastern religion at the time (and since) so even though I'm really not very outgoing in general, I really felt the need to 'put the jocks in their place', so to speak. The Krishna that I was talking to- when I looked at his face, appeared to have a sort of halo around his head. The sun was behind him and it's certainly almost blinding in Tucson, but I'm sure I could see a beautiful aura around his head. Then he shook my hand, and instantly I felt a beautiful body rush of electricity up and down my body which continued for at least 20 minutes thereafter and didn't cease until I had driven back home. It's one of those things you certainly never forget!!
I would appreciate any replies to my post!   <3

Age: 51

Joined: 23 Jan 2008
Posts: 175

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Names are powerful and can help gain insights into who we are.  This can be done on more than one level such as the numerology and there is more than one form of numerology.  As well as those who feel that the Letters vibrate to specific energy and so that energy is part of who we are as well. Then of course the influence of Lexigram's.

So one thing you may want to consider is what form of numerology resonates best or most accurately for you. I know of many who would swear by Pythagoran, and others who prefer Chaldean, I find the latter more accurate.

Then there is the energy of sounds, and how they vibrate to frequeny and if you are not so sure about the feeling you experienced, perhaps you may wish to read a bit about the secret life of water by Masaru.  He has shown how different words when put to water will create different effects some of it is lovely and some not so much, and so it isn't just the words or letters but the meanings that these things have come to represent.

For some if they hear the name Adolf, they may immediately smile thinking of a movie from the actor Adolf Menjou that they enjoyed. If you say that name to someone else they may immediately frown and think of Hitler.  For this reason it isn't just the individual numbers, letters to consider but also the energy that has come to be associated with a name.

As for the Lexigram energy of your name, you need to consider this, Linda Goodman, has written about this, and there was a man who set up to prove that Lexigram's don't work, only to instead prove they do.

Lexigram is taking a word, name, and breaking it down to its base letters and from there creating a word list, and forming sentences that define and describe the original word, phrase or name.


this shows that he had a choice that he was going to be someone who could influence views and he had a choice of how he would do this, in either a positive or negative way, he unfortunately opted for hate.

Other things can influence a name as well sometimes without even being aware of the changes such as adding a title like President to a name if it is a title that is maintained for life example, each former President of the USA keeps his title.  

PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN  changed his fate when he added this title to his name.



There are other names of famous people that share these types of examples, and most of us do not have as dramatic information in our names.

There was a woman who took her husbands name when she married, changing the vibration around her, while there was nothing wrong with his name, when combined with the letters of her own name it created an energy of violence, and three times she was the victim of violent crime, when she reverted back to her maiden name her more positive energy resurfaced.

Is it real? Did she imagine the changes perhaps, she did mentally and emotionally change her energy after she learned of Lexigrams and changed her name back to her maiden name. But prior to that she was not aware of this influence so why the sudden violence?  [none of which came from her husband they remained happily married]

So is there more to the energy in your life from the name change it is likely a matter of opinion, percention and view points.

It seems that you feel guided towards learning about this so perhaps that was the purpose or destiny of your name being changed when you were a year old, so that you can become aware of this and learn more about it, or research share what you learn with others.  Perhaps it is just coincidence, synchronicity at work.  

It seems like you may want to consider doing the math, for your name, and even learning more about the sound vibrational energy of the letters especially the ones that have changed.

This may not be very helpful, but it is something to consider.


Age: 29

Joined: 03 Jan 2013
Posts: 1204

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Its all about astrological matter I think..

Age: 52

Joined: 01 Jan 2013
Posts: 215
Location: Dearborn
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I remember in my mid 30's I changed my name, first and middle then my last name changed again when I married.  From my birth name, I went from a FOUR, to the name change to a NINE.  When I married, it remained a NINE.  I will tell you that I did in fact notice a subtle shift in how I thought and even in how I would be perceived by others.  The name change not only freed me from an interesting past with an ex I should never have married, but it freed something inside me as well.  I did my own consultation regarding the changes before I did them.  My suggestion is that anyone approaching that thought, needs to be sure that a more fundamental shift is not a shock and one they can live with should it be in the numbers.
Re: Changes

Age: 34

Joined: 19 Nov 2013
Posts: 3

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Duchess1964 wrote:
 The name change not only freed me from an interesting past with an ex I should never have married, but it freed something inside me as well.  I did my own consultation regarding the changes before I did them.  .

Hi Duchess,

Could you please elaborate on why you went with a nine for a name change after your consultation?  Also, in what ways would you say your life has changed after the new name?

I am conducting research on name changes so would greatly appreciate any input.  Thanks so much!
name changed as a baby AND electricity(?) in the body...
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