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Age: 74

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I would like to introduce myself as a minister of Spiritualism.  The reason is that spiritual growth for me, comes through my association with Spiritualism as a science, philosophy, religion.  And that has colored my thoughts with Mystic Board as well as other writing I do. I have recognized that many people come from different walks of life and we can all learn from one another.  

I would like to introduce Spiritualism as I know it.  It is a free thinking society with no dogma or creed to follow.  At times this gives us pause to follow our heart and find the best solutions for living well we can find within spirituality of our own soul.  

Spiritualism has principles for living (7 in Britain and Canada and 9 in the US) These principles define our spirituality and help us grow in our covenant with a loving God day by day in our actions and thoughts.

7 Principles of Spiritualism

Fatherhood of God
Brotherhood of Man
Communion of spirit and the ministry of angels
Continuous existence of the human soul
Personal responsibility
Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth
Eternal progress open to every human soul

To quote from the Spiritualism Manual:  True Religion

"True religion leads us to live better and truer lives.

It makes us observe a stricter honesty in all our dealings with mankind.

It causes us to search our own hearts and make them clean and pure - free from all taint of selfishness - free from everything that can debase.

It implants within us principles and motives which help us to withstand all the evil temptations which beset the pathway of life.  

Progress in personal morality is possible for every human being and to aid in this progress is the aim of all true religion.

There is a commandment which echoes through every human breast, saying:

"Be thou perfect; conform they life to high standards.  Man is his own saviour, and the soul that can render an honest and aspiring life commands all light, all influence, all fate.:

Let us labour until there shall be a grand unison of efforts towards a common goal, whose achievement shall uplift the race, whose coming shall send gladness to the hearts of those who are weary and heavy-laden. "

And also, "What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is an outpouring of spirit upon humanity, a divine revelation from the spheres of light.  It is the highest message of truth which we have as yet, grown to grasp; and one whose depth, beauty and mighty significance we sill imperfectly realize.  

Spiritualism is the broad educator, the great redeemer, the emancipator, which releases human souls from the bondage of superstition and ignorance, lifts the clouds of error that have so long enshrouded the world and illumes the darkness of the world's materiality.

It has abundantly proved that there is no death, that there is a world of spirit and we are its denizens, here and now.  Hence there can be no separation between spirit and spirit under any circumstances, clothed or unclothed with clay."

I merely wish to say to those people who dismiss religion as not valid or some other excuse, need to re-evaluate their thinking.  Religion can give us a foundation not found in any other free thinking venue.  And at the same time allow for the free thinking of our own soul.  If a religion does not do that for you, and expects adherence without thought, then it truly is not a religion to embrace for the thinking soul.

Many religions are closing their doors as realization comes that the answers for life are not found in their rules.  Spiritualism continues to grow, albeit slowly, in small groups as the heart opens again to seeking God in all that we do.  Our covenant with God is alive and well in the creative juices we see in life.  

The other thing that Spiritualism embraces is mediumship.  This is the communication of spirit to spirit.  Even as the body no longer serves us, the spirit continues to exist.  And communication is a big part of the comfort and joy that the relationship continues with our loved ones.  It proves there is no death; merely a transition from life to spirit life.

Spiritualism encourages personal responsibility.  That means that our lives are not fixed nor aided by anyone else's efforts, only our own.  When all is said and done in your life, no one else can take responsibility for that which you did, or that which you failed to do.  It is merely your own growth potential that allowed you to enhance your soul.  

So when others expect that someone else can fix their lives, they are merely giving away their own personal power to be the best they can be through their own challenges.  Yes, some psychic and mediumship help can aid the progress when we go a little astray.  On the whole we are personally responsible for our own life and the challenges and opportunities that appear for our attention.

In some ways personal responsibility has been a barrier to those seeking spirituality with Spiritualism.  Being told to take personal responsibility, with no help from a saviour or mentor can be very daunting to some people.  This may be where the crutches of religion stifle the personal growth rather than aid its benefits.

Age: 74

Joined: 09 Mar 2006
Posts: 6167
Location: Etobicoke, Canada
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Nothing in the metaphysical world can be understood without a clear idea on the afterlife.  We would need to realize the continuity of life.  And the belief in an afterlife of some sort is acknowledged by most people in the world today.  Even the strongest objections to the world of the mystical acknowledges an afterlife.  

Who, what, where and why must be asked on the topic of an afterlife before anyone can be satisfied in their own beliefs.  

Who goes would be a good place to start.  We are all body, mind, spirit living in a material world to gain experiences as soul lessons for individualization of the soul.  When we have achieved our experiences they will start us off on a new adventure of 'living' in a spirit form when we transition through death of the body.  We do not become saints through the act of death, nor devils for that matter either.  

We have accomplished our place in spirit through our own efforts of experience.  Being kind finds its own level, like cream to the top of the milk, the spirit rises to at peace in its own place.  If our lives have been filled with pain, there is a place to release this pain from the mind, to form a new direction in love.  If we have lived lives of greed, avarice and pain to others, we will suffer this ourselves to see our own need for compensation to those we have wronged.  It is a natural law, not punishment or reward.

There are 7 spheres to the afterlife, each with its own organization as such:

The first sphere is the animal, the second is a darkened sphere devoid of foliage, flowers or children. This is the abiding place of those who have lived a sinful life on earth and the scenery and homes correspond to a stunted soul condition. There is eternal progress open to every human soul who asks to see the light.

The third sphere has approximately the same degree of light that the earth plan enjoys. As you progress through the spheres, they become lighter and lighter. The third sphere is that to which the average, good mortal gravitates at the time of transition. Children also go to this sphere, however they have lived, because they are not held personally responsible for their mistakes in life, as is the adult.

These spheres surround the earth; they are not up or down, but exist on another vibration than the material life on earth. The farther from the earth, the more refined and spiritual the formation of the spheres. The higher the soul progresses spiritually, the higher the sphere of occupation.

The homes found on each sphere correspond to the mental condition of the spirit who occupies it; to be without a home is to be a wanderer or vagabond, the same as on the earth plane.

In the third and fourth spheres we find neat, pretty homes built by the industrious and progressive souls who occupy them; by a process they learn in spirit, they are able to draw from the air the desired materials. They also prepare clothing, getting the material in much the same way. They tell us that all spirits, excepting some degraded souls in the lower spheres, wear clothing and they have it ready for new souls as they come into the spirit world.

Both the homes and clothes are sensitive to the thoughts and mental conditions of the spheres; the clothing is always whole and fresh if the wearer so desires. The higher a spirit progresses, the more beautiful and radiant his clothing.

The where of the spirit world is often hard to see.  Suppose you were looking at a wheel in motion.  The spokes are still there, the rim is still there, but the spokes appear to disappear through the vibration or speed of the motion.  Spirit is like that; still here and yet not in sight.

The spirit continues to exist, now and always.  It is the eternal part of our lessons.  Many people have seen the spirit form outside the body.  Some of this experience is recorded in the near death experiences so popular in literature today.

Age: 74

Joined: 09 Mar 2006
Posts: 6167
Location: Etobicoke, Canada
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As the healing gift develops and you become a finer instrument of the spirit to heal the sick, it will be a reward that cannot be measured in material terms. Attunement is a subtle condition, very difficult to describe in words.

It has no physical symptoms by which to recognize it, as attunement is so natural. There should, however, be consciousness of a feeling different from normality, which is often more readily appreciated when returning to normal, full consciousness after emerging from the state of attunement.

Healers are more aware of the attuned condition when engaged in contact healing and a sign of this is the great joy, inwardly felt, when pain has been relieved or an affliction lessened or overcome. It is joy of the spirit self and this could not be experienced unless an attuned condition has been established.

Attunement means establishing a state of affinity with the spirit guides. It is good to seek regularly and purposefully to attain a more perfect state of affinity with spirit. Meditation is the tool used for attunement.

Before engaging in contact healing, the healer sits for a few moments to attain affinity with spirit. In spite of other activities that may be going on at the time and the changing of one patient for another, the attuned condition will, with experience, remain with the healer.

Healers possess the high motives of love and compassion for the sick. Healers from spirit also have these two great qualities. Thus it is, through love and compassion from spirit, blending with the same qualities in the healer, that the attunement is achieved.

Such attunement is a natural act. It is almost like dozing but with the consciousness of inner mind awareness. From the healing point of view, we are seeking mental abandonment rather than mental concentration, in the usual sense.

In order to use this effective and powerful method of hands-on healing, the healer would have good intent: the intent to be a channel for spiritual healing energy, the intent to be of help, the intent to do only that which is in the highest interest of all.

Age: 74

Joined: 09 Mar 2006
Posts: 6167
Location: Etobicoke, Canada
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Everything that exists has energy in it and depending on how much energy it contains, different forms manifest physically.  Molecules of energy give objects form and density, making them "solid," tangible and visible.

Others are intangible, like light, radio waves and other similar invisible energies that are always around us.  Since they're intangible and invisible, we tend to take them for granted, paying them no mind and very little attention.  Do you give much thought to how your computer connects to the internet, or do you just log on?

Energy is the force that moves through life, getting into every place and everything.  We're exposed to so many types of energy during the day, and each one has its own signature.  There's your personal energy, there's energy within a place, there's the energy of others, energy in objects, energy in events and situations we find ourselves in or bear witness to and there's an endless variety of examples.  

We're often bombarded with energy in motion (e-motion) or we're constantly filtering the importance of the energy that comes at us.  It's part of our existence, and as such, we're equipped to consciously decipher these energies through our senses, but how often do we raise our awareness enough to focus on what's going on?  Most often we tend to instinctively take in the information and react on a subconscious level, without giving it much thought.  

In a typical day, we're not always meditating on energies we're picking up on or what the message is within the energy; it's second nature to just respond.  However, you can build your sensory muscles, raise your awareness and put yourself at an advantage by consciously tracing and working with energy signatures.

Every kind of energy has its own signature and discerning the difference is a process that requires us to consciously develop our sensory skills, understanding them and how they work.  We have five physical senses ~ sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.  Combined with focus and raised consciousness, they create a sixth sense; the extra-sensory perception with which we work on spiritual levels.  This sense is beyond the level of intensity in using eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin.  With respect to the intensity, we can turn the volume up or down, on or off.  It's how we adjust our antennae, extracting more or less of the information in the energy around us.

By applying focused attention to your senses, you can begin to understand your own abilities and hone them.  When one of our senses are weak or non-functioning, it's typical for an other of our senses to compensate for that lack or loss.  A good exercise is isolating a sense; take the sense of sight, by blindfolding yourself and moving around your room.  If you know where things should be, move around them, and even extend this exercise to maneuvering around the obstacles in your home.  

You may notice that without sight, a shift in your sensory focus will occur, causing you to make use of your other senses to compensate for the vision loss.  Your hearing may suddenly sharpen and you might cock your head to sense the direction of something you hear entering the room, or to determine a sound or movement.  Your sense of smell may increase, as you recognize the fragrance of the coffee on the table, or smell  a familiar cologne of someone who's just entered.  Your sense of touch may heighten as you feel your way around, recognizing objects by their shape and texture, and otherwise defining what you're coming into contact with, or perhaps feeling the breeze from a window or heat from a radiator.  When your senses kick in this way, you may receive mental images to represent what you are unable to see physically.  

This is an exercise you can repeat on any of your other senses, depriving other senses one at a time in the same way, and becoming accustomed to your sensory input can heighten your awareness of how much information impressions can bring you.

Normally we function on a subconscious, instinctive level, and every now and then our senses naturally rise to a semi-conscious awareness during the day.  How many times have has the aroma of dinner intensified the closer it comes time to eat?  It tells you your hunger's about to be satisfied, it tells you you're about to shift activities as you stop what you're doing to eat, it tells you by the aromas what's cooking.  We can use that energy signature and the information it carries to our advantage, or at least know what we need to do.

A couple of environmental examples are the change around us when we smell rain in the air and know a storm is approaching, or the scent of someone we know fills the room when they enter.  How often have you walked into a room and felt the tension in the air?  That energy signature tell you that emotions are high, there's been some kind of disagreement, you've intruded on a private moment, an argument just took place... you know something is awry and might get an overview of the situation by the feel that's in the room.  

How did you know when you only just arrived?  You were reading the energy signature of the environment, got a whiff of the general mood, and likely adjusted yourself accordingly.  As we come into contact with different energies, sights, sounds, scents, flavors and textures are our radar we use to create the blips on the screen of life that trigger cues of how to respond to them.

On a spiritual level, those sensory impressions are our way of determining the spiritual energies we're connecting ourselves to.  They work even better in the spiritual sense and are able to get a lot of information when applied.  Spiritually speaking, we can track energy signatures in the same way... back to their source, and in the process extract information to our advantage.  We make it a conscious focus when we choose to do this.  It's sensing a trail and following it to its source.

Learning different energy signatures becomes quite an interesting experience.  Don't be afraid to trust your senses.  In fact, the more you use them and the more you observe the results, the more you're going to learn to trust them.  We learn through trial and error and make the necessary adjustments along the way, but ultimately, trusting what you receive is learning to trust yourself, and *that* leads to a deepening sense of self-confidence, self-empowerment, opening you to more spiritual experiences and unity and connectedness with all in life.  

Energies, seen and unseen, are always able to be perceived.  Delve a little deeper and explore yourself and the world around you, and you'll find that worlds of wonder await you, and insights beyond your dreams are available to you as well.

Black Panther
Beliefnet Community

Age: 74

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What is enlightenment?  Is it a personal goal or destination?  Or is it a more natural process of attainment as you learn and grow?

I find enlightenment to be the natural process of learning about self and the world in which self lives.  It is not something to be studied or sought after, but a more natural progress from where you are spiritually to where you allow yourself to be, spiritually.

Enlightenment is the light that we accumulate spiritually.  The spirit lights up with each and every lesson learned through the life of the human experience.  The spirit only accumulates this light when it begins to understand self and the world around it.  

Through consciousness of the well-lived life, a spirit can learn to be in the lessons of life.  So the consciousness expands and as the light of spirit shines, there is enlightenment of so much more of spirit.

Then we ask, what is the spirit experience?

It would be so much easier to ask what our material experience means, rather than the spirit experience.  Materially, we understand our responsibilities through the life choices we are making all the time.  Our destiny is wrapped up in all we do, think, say and be in the personalization of the individualized soul.  

When all of human life, its challenges, goals and accolades becomes all about that material experience, we find a hollow victory at best.  When we make life about lighting the spirit we encourage the depth of experience as enlightenment.  

There is a cartoon representation of a light bulb above the head, when one has that eureka, enlightenment experience.  During the challenges and pains of life, we tend to not seek that light bulb.  We should be asking what is the lesson.  Not taking the experience as something to be endured and not understood in its value.

Life is all about energy.  The highest source of all energy is the higher power of life that we call God.  When you allow that there is this source behind all the creation of our lives, you can see how the experiences can become lessons and not challenges and pain.

Human living does bring some pain to it.  Perhaps to understand our full joy, we need to experience some of the pain.  We can then step aside and understand others in their pain.

That is when we are truly enlightened to the oneness of all life.  All the opportunities, challenges, pain, sorrows, or joys lead us to enlightenment of the well lived, well loved life.

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