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Can anyone interpret a Giant Black domestic Rabbit
Smiling From Within

Age: 42

Joined: 01 Apr 2008
Posts: 48
Location: Portsmouth, UK
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Last night I dreamt of a large (the largest you can get, like the show rabbits) jet sliky black domestic pet rabbit.

I know it had some significance because I'm still thinking about it now.  I've never dreamt of a black rabbit before and I cant find a meaning for it. They only mention normal pet rabbits.

Mine was a largest black long eared rabbit.

Love to hear any opinions,

Smiling From Within xx
Site Admin

Age: 64

Joined: 11 Apr 2007
Posts: 7851
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
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1. In British mythology, a symbol of fertility, fecundity, and sexual pleasure. The ancient British fertility goddess Oestre, from whose name we get our word Easter, had a pet hare that laid its egg every Spring Equinox so that life would spread throughout the world. Dreaming of a rabbit, therefore, especially one that is affectionate and at ease with you, can be a sign of love and domestic happiness ahead.

2. Dreaming of many rabbits is a sign of new responsibilities - but not unwelcome ones. A new and wonderful opportunity will come your way - but you'll enjoy the work required to accomplish it instead of viewing it as a chore.

3. In Native American mythology, Rabbit is a symbol of needless fear. Therefore, dreaming of a rabbit that is afraid of you means that something in your life is troubling you now - and that your fears are groundless.

Source: Astrocenter,

An especially large or giant rabbit appearing in one's dreams suggests to me that whatever it represents in your waking life, it is either an especially urgent problem to be solved ASAP, or at least it appears to be in your own mind. Your mind could unintentionally be exaggerating or magnifying the seriousness of the problems which you actually have?

Black (particularly for white people) may symbolize evil (please continue to read on before you unnecessarily panic concerning this possible interpretation of your rabbit dream.

If so, please bear in mind that as a general rule of thumb what appears in your dreams is always some part of you, and that the so-called 'evil' (and therefore repressed) parts of you are really evil only if because of your neglect they become rebellious, or if you allow them to take control of your life away from your conscious self (which should at all times be in the driver's, and not the passenger's seat).

These ' evil' things are transformed into good things - creative, and bringing fuller life, happiness and wholeness - when both your conscious and unconscious interact, and are finally able to establish a harmonious working relationship with one another. Then I believe that there will no longer be a need by you to dream of giant black pet rabbits.

Sweet rabbit less dreams to you,

Can anyone interpret a Giant Black domestic Rabbit
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