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Planets and Houses

A birth chart comprises of planets, signs and houses. Planets have a specific function or meaning in the horoscope. Sign signifies the in which the Sun was present at the time of one's birth.

Houses are the 12 divisions in the birth chart where each planet's effect is most visible. Houses are based on the 12 zodiac signs in heir natural order. example Aries corresponds to the First House, Taurus corresponds to the second House and so on.

Planets place a great deal of energy into the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart.

Characteristics of the different Houses:

The First House shows our social outward nature. The planet in this house will give the traits of the sign that this planet rules.

The Second House signifies material needs and how we can achieve them. It also shows our self esteem and the value we place in ourselves.

The Third House deals with communication, short journeys and our immediate environment. It also explains about our early education and sibling relationships.

The Fourth House is the house of Karma. It shows our family ties and the influence of parents.

The Fifth House is the house of enjoyment. It brings out the creativity and romantic relationships in a person's life.

The Sixth House signifies community service and health ailments.

The Seventh House is the house of commitments, long term relationships and business partnerships and open enemies.

The Eighth House is the house of physical relationships and sex. It is also associated with money and finances.

The Ninth House is associated with religion, our principals and beliefs.

The Tenth House signifies our ambitions, tendencies and culmination of our hard work.

The Eleventh House explains our associations with friends and bonding with (close) groups of people.

The Twelfth House is associated with psychological problems, hidden enemies but can be the House of Excellence if we are able to recognize our true inner selves.


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