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Slope and Width Of Lines

The direction of lines when written can say a lot about people. From a young age we are taught to write in straight lines and given paper with ruled lines; but even with this very few people actually write using straight lines. There are many different interpretations to what the line slants can determine; my personal study and interpretation into handwriting would say that:

Lines which go downhill may be caused by pessimism and depression; then lines that go uphill show optimism.

Someone who tends to write with straight lines is either very orderly, neat, neutral, hidden or someone who goes straight for their aims and goals.

People who write with their lines going up then down in a convex manner are people who have ambition and are good at things they do; yet they lose interest and give up when they have just got good at things or before the task is fully complete.

Then people who write with their lines going down then up in a concave manor are people who are scared to approach something but when they manage to get there they gain a lot of self confidence.

Wavy lines that do not have a set pattern show people who have bipolar or alternating moods.

Wide spaced lines often show people who have a very organized life with order and a systematic approach to things. If the line is highly spaced from the next then it might just show someone who likes to keep their distance!

Lines with little space between them indicate people who like to be around others; whereas ones which are touching or overlapping may indicate people with emotional or mental disorders.


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