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Types of Dreams

We all dream, it is part of life and on average we spend one third of our life dreaming; and dream for as long as we live, even babies that are not born dream. There are many categories of dreams. Types of dreams that we may have are:

Day dreams: A level of consciousness between being awake and asleep.

Lucid dreams: When the dreamer wakes up in the dream and realizes they are dreaming. Most wake up when this occurs but some people have the ability to stay asleep and therefore alter their dream.

Nightmares: A dream that is disturbing or creates an element of fear. Nightmares are usually a response to post traumatic experiences or current experiences or problems; when these issues are sorted the nightmares should end.

Recurring Dreams: These are dreams that get repeated; they may seem to always be identical; but no two dreams are ever the same.

Healing Dreams: These are messages with warnings that the dreamer should check their health.

Prophetic dreams: These are dreams/visions that tell the future. Test results have proven that people who are strongly sixth sensed tend to have more visions and less dreams then the average person.

Epic Dreams: These are often very vivid dreams that you simply can’t ignore.


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